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Real Talk: Portfolio Day - Part I

There's a huge jumble of emotions right now as I finish up my portfolio - just in time, like so many other projects over the previous 5 years! I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm excited, I'm scared, I'm relieved, I'm tense. Everything is done, this blog post is the icing on the cake. Nothing is perfect but everything is ready.

Portfolio Day Preview by Professor Leslie Fresien

Portfolio Day is the ULTIMATE FINAL for all students who were the chosen few - I mean that literally - who had the chops to be accepted into the B.F.A candidacy for Communication Art & Design. Thirty students come in, only about 15 come out. This last testament to what I've learned as a design student will be judged and reviewed by professionals and alumni in the industry, not just my professors.

Ya know though, I worked my a- butt off my Sophomore year of college and fought my way for my spot to get here! I'd say I earned it! I wasn't the best, but I improved, I learned to take criticism and made it into the top 15! Design is the only thing I wanted to major in at the University of Louisville. Nothing else would have done! Nothing else would have made me as happy and fulfilled.

My portfolio for tomorrow isn't perfect. I've still got a lot of improving to do - but improving and learning are a part of the daily grind in this career and I love that! What matters to me is that I've made it this far.

Tomorrow is the last step of my student career at the University of Louisville. I don't know if I'll cry or shout with joy when the day is done. But I know I've had a great run!

"Good Design is obvious. Great Design is transparent." - Joe Sparanno, Graphic Designer