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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holiday's to everyone!

The year is winding down to an end and a lot has happened for me personally! I just want to begin a look back and be thankful for what has happened in the past year.

If you read my last blog you'll know that I spoke that there are were some situations that I had been feeling disappointed about that I felt were challenging. While I'm still living up to these challenges I have far more to be thankful for than ever!

I've gain a superior support system both professionally and in my personal life, and some of this overlaps! My move to the Keystone state hasn't been entirely smooth but what has transpired since has helped to push me further along to where I fee like I need to be.

To make it short I'm so thankful for the friends and networking opportunities that I have made through the AIGA - Central PA, the friendships that come along with playing roller derby and that they've voted me into their Marketing & PR committee! Heck, the chance to just get to explore life outside of my home state and the support of my friends and family have been one of the biggest blessings of them all!

All-in-all I just want to say "Thank you!" to everyone that has helped to make this year possible and that I know that more good things are in the works!

So this Yule-season no matter what you believe in or who you voted for in this election I wish you and everyone unity and light blessings!