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I'm all about a challenge! That's why I'm able to play roller derby and face up against a woman nearly a foot taller than me and, not quite, but almost twice my weight. It's why I was the Yellow Power Ranger when a girl in pre-school told me that I wasn't pretty enough to be the Pink Ranger (psh, the Yellow Ranger is cooler anyway and can kick the Pink Rangers behind.) It's why I do ALL THE THINGS, like learn to code, do daily design challenges, volunteer on a committee for my team and AIGA Central PA, learn to letter when I don't feel like learning to code. And, it's why I drove 600 miles on a whim to move to a state that I never thought I would ever live in to start my own life and start to pursue my career in design.

It's tough to keep up with all of the things that I want to do sometimes. Put on top of that my had-to-take-it-because-I-obvioulsy-like-to-eat day job that I took because it has still been a challenge to find somewhere that I really want to be apart of - but a girl has got to eat! So I persist!

I've made a sort of deal with myself; that unless I can get a job at an agency, I want a job (or even an internship!) that has something to do with front-end web development so I can expand on my skills. I am by no means an expert, but I'm comfortable enough with it - I believe - and eager enough to learn on my own that I want to put it into professional practice.

One gentleman responded to one of my inquiries to which I responded that I would have rather pursued a path more geared towards web design and development as I've already has so much experience with print - to which I got this response:

Awesome answer - don't ever settle!!!!!

It was so encouraging and it made me really happy that even a stranger could support my decisions.

Today, I sent out some orange shoes along with my application to a design firm - completely unsolicited merely asking for advice or to meet for coffee to discuss their business, design, and just to make a new friend. But if a job or internship comes out of this I will most definitely do a happy dance!

I am all for a challenge! Yes, they can be difficult and overwhelming. Yes, that also means that I might fail - no I won't, because I'll keep trying!

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