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Pens & Pints & Ponderings

AIGA Central PA: Pens & Pints event hosted at Zeroday Brewing

I've been in Central Pennsylvania for about 2 months now. In that time there have been some disappointments but also some really great experiences as well! I've gotten involved with the local AIGA Central Pennsylvania chapter - and they are some really cool people!

I think I've done more research than I ever did in college, although the fact that I'm researching design agencies is something I actually want to do. Some have ping-pong tables and nerd night (which I really want to crash), some have vaults, and others just got new office spaces! It's all very exciting to learn about actually.

The local AIGA chapter has been a big help in guiding me, answering any questions, and just all around making me feel welcome in the area. On Thursday they had one of their bi-monthly get-togethers called Pens & Pints. It's where people from the local chapter (which covers several cities such as Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York) get together at a local bar and start drawing anything and everything a designers mind can think of while chatting up other inspiring creatives!

Now, many that know me know that I'm not a drinker so it was awkward at first hovering around, alone in a bar in a still somewhat unfamiliar town with strangers that I've never met in my life. But once the first introduction was complete I felt relieved and confident to be there!

I know it takes time to get used to a new place and new people - and I'm still doing that but I've already made friends and am coming into my own! I can't wait for the chance to also prove myself as an emerging designer at an agency out here and to get more and more involved in the community! I may never have thought that Pennsylvania would be any place that I would call home but it's starting to feel like it! 

The second best friend you can have (the first being someone who can give you a good job) is another designer or illustrator.