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Real Talk: Graduation - Congrats to the Class of 2016!

Communication Art & Design B.F.A Candidates of 2016 - Fellow Classmate Photoshopped in thanks to Professor Freisen!

So I'm out in the real world now - for the most part. I'm at least done with school for the rest of my foreseeable life!

Last week I became the first in my family to graduate from college. Despite the fact that it was fairly disorganized and we had to sit through one last powerpoint, it was actually a really special time!

I've already got a full time gig as the Design & Marketing Assistant at a local small business. However, I think I'm going to start applying to places out of state soon. My goal ultimate goal would be to one day move out west - I've been in love with the idea of living in Seattle, Washington since I was 14; but anywhere else in the country would be a worthwhile experience now!

My professors said that now is the time for us to go out and do what with want with our lives and try something new! I'll never be as portable - and probably not as resourceful - especially once life starts to happen and I *shudder* settle down (I'm kidding, that's a goal. Just not at the moment.)

I'm thankful for all the classes that I've taken and the experiences that I was able to share with any and all of my classmates. I complained a whole hell of a lot, I stayed up way later than I should have, I made questionable decisions and also some of the best decisions of my life! Coffee has little effect on me anymore and at the same time it is my life blood. But I wouldn't change any of this for the world!

Shaking University of Louisville President Ramsey's Hand at the 2016 Commencement Ceremony. May 14th 2016.

So here's to the class of 2016, no matter what field or career that you've decided to pursue I hope that we've all done what is best we can and that we make a difference, even if it's just in our own lives! 

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